Prepare yourself for the digital future


The AFRITEX initiative for the Youth community aspires to ensure that all African youth are equipped with digital skill sets and competencies required for the future workforce, and ultimately leading to enhanced Quality of Life & Employability. Our key focus is on closing the digital literacy gap, encouraging creativity and innovation via digital technologies, and cultivating the safe and ethical use of digital tools and technologies.

Our Ambition

10 Million Digitally savvy youths by 2025

Who are we talking about?

The Digital Africa Initiative adopts the United Nations definition youth as all those aged 15-24 years.

What does the future workforce require?

  1. Strong competencies in the use of digital productivity, communications and collaborative tools.
  2. Strong competencies for entrepreneurial endeavours via digital platforms.
  3. Cognitive and creative skillsets to curate innovative and market-relevant digital content.
  4. Honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour in the use of digital tools and content

Our Strategic Focus

    • Basic
    • Advanced
    • Digital Safety & Ethnics
    • Digital Volunteerism
    • Content Development & Entrepreneurship

Why YOU should participate:

  1. Expand your network and connect with like-minded peers
  2. Get access to the latest digital tools for playing, working and learning
  3. Share your ideas, get noticed and evangelis
  4. Learn what it takes to be your own boss via online platforms, through entrepreneurship
  5. Skills that will help you to succeed in the real world

Digital Literacy

Basic Digital Literacy

Sharpen your digital literacy skills for greater educational, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Character and Values

Digital Volunteerism

Calling on all digitally savvy youth out there! Here is a chance to channel your expertise to a good cause, whether it is by unearthing innovative digital solutions to address social and environmental challenges or raising awareness, funds or other resources for social or environmental causes.

Creativity and Innovation

Content Development and Curation

Put your digital expertise and social networking skills to good use, by learning how to create or curate content that can potentially generate income. We have programmes that will help you to hone and sharpen your content development and curation skills for digital storytelling, mobile app development or content curation

Digital Safety and Ethics

While digital tools and platforms offer unlimited opportunities, it is also important to recognize the potential safety hazards, e.g. cyberbullying, identity theft, fraud, addiction, etc., to ensure personal safety and well-being. As you prepare yourself for the future workforce, it is important to be equipped with the knowledge and expertise of how to use such tools safely and ethically.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not just for grown-ups. Find out what it takes to be your own boss by learning how to ideate and take your ideas to market. Acquire the necessary skills, and test your skills with experts and mentors.