Strategic conference, Global Summit, Exhibition and Innovation Awards

AFRITEX Initiative designs and organizes strategic conference, global summit, B2B (business-to-business) meetings, seminars, workshop, forum, exhibition and awards producing and delivering highly conceptual and fully integrated events across industries.

Our events are platforms for all participants to gain exposure, knowledge and insights on ICT developments, using the platform of plenary session, breakout session and exhibitions as vehicle to realize this objective.

AFRITEX Initiative, annual events promise to be a rare opportunity for stakeholders and leaders to share ideas and viewpoints to the design implementations and integration of ICT for development in AFRICA.

AFRITEX Initiative delivers credible and information-rich content that inspires influential visitors to engage with exhibitors who can provide solutions to meet their business needs.

Our inspirational rousing speaker programme will encourage and drive visitors to immediately seek new products, expertise and services provided by our exhibitors.

Our multi-stakeholder Industrial conference, summits and forums actively engage leaders from academic, industry and government with the aim of strengthening ties, building networks, fostering entrepreneurship and tackling the major issues faced by the industry. These leaders are engaged in all Forum activities on global, regional and industry issues.

Our events feature event features talks by leading academics who have successfully transferred their research into commercial products or spinoff companies, as well as leading industry professionals sharing their insight. These sessions include a panel based analytical review covering where the industry has been and predictions for the coming years.

In addition, our awards are designed to unite professionals of the African ICT ecosystem in promoting and fostering achievement and excellence, innovation and professionalism in the development and use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).